Industry 4.0 and Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco offers a wide range of industrial products and services that support the vision of Industry 4.0. Our products are connected, flexible and build on state of the art technology. We service our customers through a dedicated global network to provide a total solution for flexible productivity with the highest quality standards.

Higher product mix

The requirement for customization of consumer end-products is increasing. The vision of Industry 4.0 is to have the same cost for one or a million units produced. This will require new levels of flexibility in production.

System complexity

Production systems will become ever more complex and more and more production-critical operations will depend on networked systems. The importance of managing configuration, software versioning, and access control will be vital to maintain quality control and uptime in production.

Human factors

The Human Factor will play an important role in the future. Assembly operators need to adopt the new technologies available to leverage potential. Systems must be user-friendly and the vast amount of data created in the assembly process needs to be processed with the most important information presented to the operator.