Safe and easy operation

The rig's control system is designed for simple and safe operation. Minimal electrical parts make maintenance and troubleshooting easier.

Robust face drill

The Boomer 282 is a face drilling rig for mining and tunneling with a durable boom built to handle demanding workloads underground.

Low operation cost

The robust and reliable components on the Boomer 282 provide an ideal combination of low cost and high productivity.

High productivity drill

The Boomer 282 is a hydraulically controlled mining and tunneling face drilling rig with two booms, adaptable to various heading sizes. This rig is designed for reliable and highly efficient development in medium sized underground cross sections. Robust design allows for fast positioning, a high penetration rate, straight holes, superior durability and lower drill steel cost. All this adds up to increased productivity, lower operation cost and easier maintenance and troubleshooting with the Boomer 282.