Boomer E

Ideal for large mining applications and construction projects.

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Concentrated power

Boomer E series are compact hydraulic face drilling rigs built for a wide range of applications in medium to large drifts and tunnels.

Solid investment

The class leading BUT45 booms and the largest rock drill range on the market makes Boomer E1 and Boomer E2 smart business investments.

Easy to control

The new rig control system allows the operator to easily monitor and control all rig functions and maintain a better focus on drilling.

Power for productivity

Boomer E1 and Boomer E2 rigs have extensive coverage areas of up to 112 m2 , making them ideal for large mining applications and construction projects. Thanks to their compact design, these rigs can also fit in relatively small tunnels. The two robust and flexible BUT 45 booms and COP rock drills optimize productivity. Drilling is controlled by the computerized, award-winning Rig Control System to ensure precision, productivity, maximized uptime and lower costs. Long-wearing drill steel, high drilling accuracy and reduced over break make the Boomer E series a solid investment.


Technical specifications
  • Boomer E3/E4 technical specification 1.1 MB, PDF
  • Boomer E1/E2 technical specification 1 MB, PDF