Boomer T1

Single-boom face drilling rig for narrow drifts and tunnels.

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Safety and control

The comfortable FOPS-approved cabin with a telescopic protective roof will ensure safety and provide excellent operator visibility.

Small envelope drilling

The Boomer T1 can reach places where only hand-held drills could go before, making it perfect for mines with small drift sizes.

Drill steel economy

All rock drills for this rig feature dual damping, which leads to productive, high-speed drilling and greater drill steel longevity.

Versatile drilling rig

Boomer T1 is a single-boom face drilling rig for narrow drifts and tunnels with cross sections up to 23 m2. The carrier features high ground clearance as well as SAHR brakes. For maximum durability, the rig is equipped with a heavy-duty aluminium feed with high bending and torsional resistance. The rig can be fitted with a variety of cop rock drills to suit your needs. To further increase the versatility, Boomer T1 can be equipped for long-hole drilling. When you need some extra punch in tight spaces, you can count on Boomer T1.


Technical specification