Boomer S2

Small 2-boom face drilling rig ideal for mine development and small tunnels.

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Safe and efficient

Maintenance is easier and more efficient with our unique Safe Bolting boom and groundlevel access to all service points.

Compact drilling rig

Boomer S2 is a compact and powerful twoboom face drilling rig ideal for mine development and smaller construction tunnels.

Ready for automation

Increase productivity by up to 15% with our Rig Control System featuring intuitive, userfriendly controls to simplify the operator’s job.

Robust face drill

Equipped with two powerful BUT S booms, Boomer S2 is the most productive drill rig in its class. This compact face drilling rig is smarter and tougher in small drifts. Operators can work in comfort in the optional ROPS/FOPS certified cab. With fewer boom hoses, operators have excellent visibility for maneuvering in tight spaces. Combining smart digital addons with a solid chassis and powerful diesel engine, Boomer S2 lowers your operating costs while increasing productivity.


Technical Specification