Versatile drilling rig

The Simba E7 is a hydraulic long-hole production drill rig built for fast positioning and accurate drilling in medium to large drifts.

Easy to customize

To help improve productivity, this rig is easily customized to fit your current needs, and easy to adapt when your needs change.

Operator assistance

An impressive amount of intelligent functions simplify the operator’s work, which contributes to increase productivity.

Flexible and reliable rig

The Simba E7 is a hydraulic long hole production drill rig for medium to large size drifts, with hole range from 51 up to 127 mm. It accommodates a range of drill bits, rock drills and in-the-hole hammers to adapt to your specific needs. This reliable rig is equipped with a boom-mounted drilling unit for improved versatility, adaptable to any challenge. With the The Simba E7, you can drill parallel holes upward and downward with up to 6.9 m spacing. The rig can be operated by remote control to enhance production and operator safety and comfort. When you need a hard-working, high-precision rig for long-hole drilling, rely on the Simba M4.

Quick facts

Technical data

Coverage, max. width

8,000 mm

Coverage, max. height

8,700 mm

Hole diameter

89 mm - 127 mm

Rod handling system (RHS)


Hole length

51 m

Control system


Rock drill


Diesel engine

120 kW


Technical specifications