Scooptram ST18

18 metric tonne loader for underground operations

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The Scooptram ST18 is a high performance, 18 metric tonne capacity underground loader for large operations, including development work and production mining. It is designed not only to have the optimal loading cycle and highest uptime but also to support and protect the operator and to be the perfect companion to our range of underground trucks.

The new Scooptram ST18 is smart, hard working and easy to like. By combining advanced technology and smart features -- the Scooptram ST18 means a big move for safety, maneuverability, comfort and productivity in underground operations. It's the greatest ride in the mine.


Large operation loader

Scooptram ST18 is a high performance, high capacity underground loader designed for large scale development and production mining.

Strong, sustainable performance

Automatic features like ride control, traction control and declutch increase the lifespan of the equipment while reducing fuel consumption.

Protecting your investment

Overspeed protection and Machine protection will safegaurd your investments by keeping ST18 in the proper operative range.

Maximum up-time at reduced cost

Scooptram ST18 is an 18 metric tonne loader designed for demanding underground operations. Excellent digging ability and high-lifting design make this loader the perfect companion to Atlas Copco's Minetrucks. Easy access to real-time diagnostics and performance data keep your loader running strong. To perform optimal loading cycles every time, the Scooptram ST18 can be equipped to run semi-autonomously or by radio remote control. You can rely on the Scooptram ST18 to maximize uptime and boost production underground.