Scooptram ST7 Battery

Power unleashed

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Where do you find the most exclusive air in the world?

Maybe not where you think. Deep below the surface, access to fresh air is far from easy. And even further from cheap. Pumping air down ventilation shafts actually amounts to about one third of the entire operational cost in mining and tunneling. To solve this problem Atlas Copco placed a battery on one of it’s key products - the new Scooptram ST7 Battery - in order to cut the amount of diesel fumes released and hence dramatically reduce the need and cost for ventilation.

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Fully electric loader

Scooptram ST7 Battery can match or surpass the performance and the flexibility of diesel loaders with minimal need for ventilation.

Compact size, high performance

Scooptram ST7 Battery is a robust LHD built for demanding underground applications, especially excelling in narrow vein mining operations.

Big results in small spaces

The small size of this battery powered loader is combined with powerful performance to achieve superior productivity in low profile mines.

Power unleashed underground

Scooptram ST7 Battery is a robust 6.8 metric tonne LHD designed to produce more tonnes per hour. Zero emissions underground, cleaner air, less noise and less heat are obvious benefits of switching to battery power. All this can improve worker morale, productivity and your standing in the community. The fully electric Scooptram loader gives you the ability to work at deeper extremes with much lower ventilation costs. The high lifting design, proven powertrain and traction control speeds up truck loading. All this adds up to increased production, superior operator comfort and safety, and lower operation costs.


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