Robbins 91RH/123R

Raiseboring machines for holes ranging from 2.4 to 6.0 m in diameter.

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Large scale rigs

Robbins 91 and Robbins 123 rigs are large-size raiseboring machines for both civil engineering and mining applications.

Power you need

The powerful 500 kW electric motor drives the reamer to penetrate the hardest rock, giving you the power you need in any situation.

Easy to transport

The gearbox is installed in a removable barrel, allowing the derrick to be split into smaller, more transportable components.

Reliable drill rigs

Robbins 91 and Robbins 123 are raiseboring machines for holes ranging from 2.4 to 6.0 m (8-20 ft.) in diameter. The large rigs can be relied on in a variety of applications. These powerful raiseboring rigs with a modular design for easy transport are ideal when weight or size limitations are a concern. At Atlas Copco, we strive to construct high-quality machines that are easy to set up, operate and maintain – and our Robbins 91 and 123 rigs are no exception. These machines are built to serve and built to last.


Technical specifications