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Atlas Copco Secoroc offers raiseboring cutters in a variety of sizes and cutting structures, each targeting specific customers problems.

Atlas Copco Secoroc provides a comprehensive range of raiseboring cutters to fit any need. From kerfed cutters to random cutters and specialty cutters – the solution is yours to choose.

Magnum and Magnum V cutters are the workhorses of the product offering. The Magnum cutter is designed to fit into the square pocket saddle and the Magnum V is designed to fit into the V pocket saddle to better accommodate existing reamers, although the cutters are identical between the saddle pockets. With the largest bearing capacity in the industry and the most amount of carbide cutting the rock, these cutters have a wide range of applications. The RCC cutters have a more tapered cutter shell making them roll true on smaller diameters and to be more aggressive on larger reamers in brittle ground. Designed to fit into the RCC style saddle.


Premium cutters – Magnum and Magnum V cutters

The Magnum cutter are the leaders in performance, reliability and durability. They're designed for the toughest of drilling conditions and have the widest selection of cutting structures in the industry, strongest bearings and more carbide volume per cutter than the competition.

RCC kerf cutters

RCC kerf cutters are durable cutters designed for optimum penetration rates when the power is available for the job. These cutters have a clean carbide row with more room for cutting removal than any other design.

SRCC cutters – for boxhole and downreaming

The SRCC cutter has a shock resistant bearing and uses proprietary carbide and grease. These cutters fit Magnum V and some competitor’s saddles interchangeably.

DRC12 – specialty cutters

The DRC12 cutter is designed for reamers < 1 meter (42") diameter. The cutter is designed to replicate a random cutting structure with 12 carbide rows with increasing-decreasing skip pitch.


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