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Serpent Ventilation Fans

High pressure Serpent fans for underground mining and tunneling projects

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Introduction to Serpent Ventilation System


Maximum performance

To maintain high system pressure, up to five fan units of any diameters and motor sizes can be connected in series at a single fan station.

Energy efficient

Serpent fans move the maximum amount of air per unit of energy. For optimal energy savings, fans can be fitted with a frequency control switch.

Reduced noise levels

Serpent fans are available with standard or super silencers to eliminate high frequency sounds and reduce noise levels to a minimum.

Sturdy ventilation fans

Atlas Copco's high pressure Serpent fans are designed to deliver air through ducts in underground mining and tunneling projects. Our fans are available in different sizes and combinations to fit your needs, from small projects to extensive operations deep underground. The fans are statically and dynamically balanced, have automatic lubrication systems, and are manufactured with fully welded steel casings and an anticorrosive coating to provide consistently high performance, even in the harshest environments.


Technical specifications