Waste water treatment compressed air

Wastewater Treatment

For every industrial or municipal wastewater treatment application, we offer you a comprehensive range of oil-free Class 0 certified low pressure compressed air solutions.

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Save 30% on energy

Our oil-free screw blowers lower your electrical power consumption by an average of 30% compared to lobe technology.

Clean air

All our blowers are ISO 8573-1 (2010) Class 0- certified: 100% clean oil-free air for your wastewater treatment process .

More about Class Zero

Low noise levels

Compressed air solutions with low noise levels. Rain canopy available for outdoor use. No need for additional investment in extra buildings or sound reducing facilities.

Setting a new energy-efficient standard

In wastewater treatment plants, blower systems consume up to 70% of the total energy. We can help reduce your energy costs. As the first manufacturer to introduce the oil-free screw technology in wastewater treatment, we are committed to lower you energy usage significantly.

Reducing the carbon footprint of wastewater treatment

The demand for water increases while resources are reduced: efficient water management becomes increasingly important. Our blowers are completely free of oil, which is of critical importance. Contamination is just not acceptable when re-using water for other applications or keeping bacteria and microorganisms in sludge processes alive.

Global installed base and aftermarket service

We service thousands of low pressure compressed air installations throughout the world. Backed by a global and highly efficient logistics organization we ensure your equipment is always working at peak efficiency.

Customer stories

municipal WWT_ZS_thumbmail video

Belediye atık su arıtma tesisleri yüksek enerji verimli ZS vidalı blower'dan yararlanıyor

Klasik tip aktif çamurlu atık su arıtma tesislerindeki enerji tüketiminin %70'ine kadarı, havalandırma blower sistemine aittir. Atlas Copco ZS+ blower'lar tamamen entegre bir paket olarak temin edilir. Hava dağıtımını müşterinin hava tüketimine göre hassas bir şekilde ayarlayarak Değişken Hızlı Ünite (VSD) teknolojisini kullanır ve bu, sürekli olarak çalışan tesislerin enerji faturalarını büyük oranda azaltır.

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Belediye atık su arıtma tesisleri yüksek enerji verimli ZS vidalı blower'dan yararlanıyor

In conventional wastewater activated sludge plants, millions of bacteria feed on organic waste, breaking it up into carbon dioxide, nitrogen gas and water. Because the bacteria need oxygen, large amounts of air are blown in the aeration tanks. The aeration blower system accounts for up to 70 percent of the energy usage in a typical biological wastewater treatment plant. To permit energy optimisation and to substantially reduce energy bills in these continuously operating plants, Atlas Copco's innovative air blowers incorporate the latest energy efficient design and technologies.


ZV VSD_Versmold_customer story

ZS VSD yağsız vidalı blower'lar, Versmold kanalizasyon arıtma tesisinin enerji verimliliğini %10 artırıyor.

Değişken Hızlı Ünite (VSD) teknolojisine sahip iki adet Atlas Copco ZS 55+ yağsız vidalı blower, Almanya'nın Versmold şehrindeki arıtma tesisinde kanalizasyon arıtmak için kullanılmak üzere enerji verimli basınçlı hava sağlıyor. Tesis, VSD'nin verimliliğinin sonucunda %10 enerji tasarrufu yaparak müşteriler için kanalizasyon ücretlerinin azalmasını sağladı.