10 adımda çevre dostu ve daha verimli üretim

Çevre dostu üretim için karbon azaltımı: bilmeniz gereken her şey
10 adımda çevre dostu basınçlı hava üretimi

Pnömatik konveyörle taşıma süreci hakkında bilmeniz gereken her şey

Pnömatik konveyörle taşıma sürecini nasıl daha verimli bir hale getirebileceğinizi keşfedin.
3D images of blowers in cement plant

Maximum availability

Thousands of Atlas Copco Gas and Process turboexpander units are currently operating at 99% availability. Why risk process downtime with other process technology?

Flexibility to cover a wide range of process gas duties

The hallmarks of Atlas Copco expander performance - availability, reliability and efficiency - are engineered in all of our machines. From natural gas and chemical / petrochemical, to pressure letdown, geothermal and waste heat to power, all of our products are engineered to give you the most available, reliable and efficient product on he market.

Time-tested industry leading turboexpander design

With over 45 years of design and production experience, we utilize the latest design technologies. By engaging CFD and FEA in our engineering process, we provide our customers machinery that is reliable, efficient and perfectly matched to their process needs.

Expander solutions for your process gas needs

Meeting your application needs

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