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oil-free air compressors ZT 160 (VSD)  refrigerant dryer FD 8702 VSD controller Optimizer 4.0

Improved air compressor control and economy

Our Elektronikon® compressor controller system uses “internet of things” technology to enable remote monitoring and energy conservation. Bring your factory ahead into the race for Industry 4.0

Save energy with smart technology

80% of your costs with a compressor comes from energy consumption. The Elektronikon® compressor monitoring system saves energy by using

  • delayed second stop
    to stop the compressor whenever possible
  • dual pressure band
  •     for lower pressure in the systems during weekends and nights

  • automatic main motor speed adjustments
  •     depending on air demand

  • adapting dryer speed according to needs

Intelligent compressor system control

Elektronikon® works as the ‘brain’ of the compressor by collecting data from sensors within the compressor, processing it and delivering you an overview. Our experience of developing both hardware and software has enabled us to create a system perfectly designed to optimize compressor efficiency.

Mobile integration

With Elektronikon® you can easily connect your controller with your mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones through our SMARTLINK system, allowing mobile monitoring over a secure network.

System protection with IoT and Industry 4.0 solutions

Built-in sensors measure elements such as temperature and pressure. In this way, Elektronikon® gives you peace of mind because you know that the automatic warning system will send alerts to your mobile device over SMARTLINK in the event of any irregularity.