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DM-Series oil-less high-pressure piston compressors

Boost your efficiency when high pressure matters. Our DM-Series reciprocating high-pressure piston compressors are ideal for compressed natural gas (CNG), natural gas vehicle (NGV) refueling and hydrogen applications. With maximum reliability and energy efficiency, our oil-less compressors boost your plant productivity.

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Designed for efficiency

In applications such as NGV refueling, energy costs make up a considerable amount of your total operating costs. To meet this challenge, we developed the DM-Series with a number of energy-saving features including perfectly balanced Scotch yoke drive.

Oil-less for safety

DM-Series compressors are validated for gas applications, and they also fully comply with ATEX and PED regulations. The piston compressors require no oil lubrication, thereby eliminating the risk of gas contamination with oil .

Compact, space-efficient

In areas where space is limited, every square meter counts. Take for example NGV fueling stations in crowded metropolitan areas. That’s why the unique vertical design of DM-Series compressors allows for an extremely small footprint of only 0.7 m2 x 0.7 m2 (7.5 sq.ft.)

Customizable compressor solutions

Fully customizable to your exact specifications, we can build DM-Series compressors for inlet pressures of 1 to 40 bar and in 2 to 5 stage configurations.

Easy installation for instant productivity

Get to work right away. Our DM-Series compressors don’t require complex piping arrangements or special foundations, and they ship as complete all-in packages.

Technical description DM series oil-less high-pressure piston compressors

Up to 350 bar with a DM oil-less high-pressure piston compressor

The DM-Series oil-free piston compressor range delivers high pressures up to 350 bar (a) with outstanding safety and efficiency – important reasons why compressors have become a mainstay in demanding compressed natural gas and hydrogen applications across the world.

Completely gas-tight, the piston compressors are perfectly adapted to applications such as:

  • NGV refueling stations
  • natural gas grid boosting
  • hydrogen compression for various end uses and processes

Maximum safety

Our DM-Series compressors are equipped with oil-free cylinders, incorporating innovative Scotch yoke technology in a space-efficient vertical design. DM-Series compressors are absolutely gas-tight, thanks in part to a magnetic-coupling for the motor unit and hermetically sealed pressurized crankcase. This design offers you two-way protection: It prevents gas from leaking into the atmosphere and ingress of atmospheric air, providing maximum safety.

Optimal productivity

Further boosting your productivity, the single-acting compressors run on low per-stage pressure ratio with combined concentric inlet/outlet valves and single-acting pistons with small cylinder clearance. Completing the package, the DM-Series is shipped in a frame-mounted design for quick installation, while total independence from water consumption for cooling further minimizes your cost of ownership. DM-Series compressors are CE-certified machines.

Easy maintenance

The DM-Series is engineered and tested for a long service life and uncomplicated maintenance. Thanks to magnetic coupling design, the compressor block can be easily dismounted and replaced on site in less than a half a day. The dismounted compressor block will then be refurbished in the factory to guarantee the shortest downtime and maximum availability.

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