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Instant Breakdown & Repair Service

An unplanned machine stop is always a high-pressure situation. That’s why it’s good to have an experienced repair expert repair who can bring your machine back up to operation as fast as possible

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24/7 hotline

Technical support is available around the clock, connecting you with technical specialists assisting you right away.

Global presence

Time matters – especially when you are facing a breakdown scenario. With our global network of field service experts, we are always available, anywhere you are

Controlling costs

Control your costs by repairing damaged components. Thanks to our original design drawings, even old components can be repaired.

Breakdown service

Even with the best and regular maintenance, an unplanned stops can happen. In such a situation, it’s good to have an experienced and capable expert who can help. To provide immediate support, you can contact our 24/7 technical support hotline. Alternatively, you can get touch with your local aftermarket contact.

Quick repair is key

Quick repair may be the most important goal. But proper root cause analysis is key to making sure your machine is set up in the right way. That is built in into our service. And thanks to our longstanding experience in Gas and Process, we can quickly establish the cause of the problems most of the time.

If required, a field service person can instantly come to your site. And in case of serious damage, it’s crucial to have the right spare parts at your site. If you are unsure whether you have the right parts at your site, reach out to your local aftermarket contact.

For the fastest turbomachinery repair, maintenance, and inspection, we put our global service network with a reach in over 180 countries to work for you. Our dedicated Aftermarket Services experts work with you on-site to maintain your sustainable productivity. Learn more about our related aftermarket products