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Redesign and upgrade services for turbomachinery

Save money versus investing in new equipment and meet new capacity or process requirements. Our Redesign and Upgrade Services are a win-win. We can modify existing turbomachinery to meet new or expanded roles, and quickly guide you from initial evaluation through commissioning

Contact our aftermarket specialists

Improved productivity and energy efficiency

Increase capacity or boost energy efficiency – or both. Our experts utilize the latest technologies to fine-tune your existing machinery to new process requirements

Performance evaluation with expert recommendations

The process starts with a thorough aerodynamic, thermodynamic, and mechanical evaluation of your machine. Our specialists make informed suggestions on how to proceed with your upgrade and you have full price transparency

Gas and Process redesign expertise

As an industry leader in the air and gas business, we boost the productivity of existing applications, respond to gas stream changes, or adapt new technologies and applications into your plant – we’re here to help with redesign and upgrade services.

High-quality upgrades with low CAPEX

Common upgrade options include ● Performance upgrades with aerodynamic redesign of critical parts ● Mechanical upgrades ● Instrumentation & control system upgrades ● full flange-to-flange turboexpander replacements ● coordination with suppliers and sub-contractors ● scheduling your machinery upgrade with minimal production downtime ● genuine, manufacturer-guaranteed Atlas Copco spare parts

All upgrades are performed to the latest quality assurance norms and meet ISO 9001. Your existing machinery will reward you with: higher production levels, greater efficiency, increased operational reliability, low CAPEX

For the fastest turbomachinery repair, maintenance, and inspection, we put our global service network with a reach in over 180 countries to work for you. Our dedicated aftermarket services experts work with you on-site to maintain your sustainable productivity. Find out more