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Detect and repair compressed air leaks with RePress

Fix your air compressor air leakages with zero downtime of your compressed air system

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Stop blowing money away


Zero Downtime

Your compressed air system can remain fully pressurized

Quick repair

No need to dismount parts of the network

Cost saving

Stop blowing money away with air leaks

Fix your compressed air leaks and save money

Did you know that up to 20% of the energy consumption in your compressed air system could be lost to air leaks? That’s a lot of money you are blowing away.
The reliable ultrasonic leakage detection as part of the Atlas Copco AIRScan services, provides a comprehensive report that shows the estimated savings.

No downtime of your compressed air system

Once the compressed air leaks are identified, the next step is to repair them. Usually this means that the air net needs to be depressurized. The repair work needs to be done outside of normal working hours or your production needs to be stopped.
Thanks to RePress by Atlas Copco, leaks are fixed while the distribution net is under pressure, and without dismantling pipes or couplings.

Stop blowing money away

RePress is a quick, cost-saving and sustainable solution for leaks in your air system.
Make an appointment for leak detection and fixing and start saving money!
Contact your Atlas Copco representative today!

With RePress air leaks are repaired in 3 plain and simple steps:

RePress - Detect and repair compressed air leaks