New features on the Atlas Copco Dynapac paver range bring improved process control and operator comfort

Atlas Copco Road Construction Equipment is introducing new features on its Dynapac SD2500/SD2550 paver range.

January 24, 2016

Atlas Copco Road Construction Equipment is introducing new features on its Dynapac SD2500/SD2550 paver range which will bring increased productivity, optimized workplace ergonomics and improved process control. These features include for example TruckAssist and SetAssist, as well as an upgraded operator panel with new display and redesigned side shields. Jobsite planning, follow-up and paving process optimization is simplified by coupling Atlas Copco’s Dyn@Link fleet management system with BPO ASPHALT.

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Atlas Copco Asphalt Pavers introduction

Short introduction clip for Atlas Copco Asphalt Pavers.

Smooth truck docking made easy with TruckAssist

Atlas Copco's TruckAssist system is designed to help trucks dock correctly and safely with the paver by simplifying communication between the paver and truck driver. The system comprises two sturdy, dimmable LED bars which are strategically positioned on both hopper edges.
The LED bars allow safe, efficient communication between the drivers of the paver and the truck, and enable the paver driver to remain in control of the truck docking process at all times. This feature is particularly useful in low noise areas, reducing the need to use the horn. The position of the LED bars assists the truck driver in correctly positioning his vehicle in front of the paver in the middle of the hopper which is especially useful at night. A sensor on the paver provides information on how much further the truck has to back up for smooth docking. The system will be offered on the SD2500/2550 pavers as well as on the SD1800 paver.

Atlas Copco TruckAssist

An introduction to TruckAssist on Dynapac pavers from Atlas Copco.

Fast, easy repositioning with SetAssist

Specifically designed to reduce setting and transport times on the jobsite, Atlas Copco’s intelligently controlled SetAssist system is especially useful where there is a large amount of spot work involved. The paver driver now has the possibility to save the position of the auger and screed before moving from one section to the next. One push of a button on the redesigned operator panel will then lift the hydraulic front flap, auger and screed, lock the screed for transport and reverse the conveyor slightly.
The user-friendly SetAssist system is programmable, offering the paver driver the possibility to select or deselect any of the subsystems mentioned above and include additional features. When the paver arrives at the next paving location, one push of a button will bring the system back to its original position, thereby preventing accidental setting mistakes and improving the overall asphalt mat and jobsite quality. The system will be offered on the SD2500/2550 pavers as well as on the SD1800 paver.

Atlas Copco SetAssist

An introduction to SetAssist on Dynapac pavers from Atlas Copco.

Improved operator ergonomics

All Atlas Copco Dynapac large and city pavers are now equipped with a redesigned operator panel including a new 7 inch display which allows fast and efficient setting of parameters. Its easy-to-understand menu structure and symbol choice will help even new paver drivers to learn quickly the optimal ways of operating the machine. An integrated USB port in the main operator panel provides a convenient power outlet and service access point.
Moreover, the newly introduced common design language for the Road Construction Equipment division will make it easy for operators to switch between different types of machines, adding up to higher productivity and easier training of operators.

Small changes to large screeds give major advantages

Atlas Copco has made additional small improvements to its well-known Dynapac screed design. The screed side shields now have fully integrated wirings and are equipped with power outlets on the side shields, as well as convenient transport handles. Atlas Copco continues to offer a wide variety of side shields with this new design and has both gas and electric, standard and hydraulic side shields available.
Furthermore, efforts to reduce the noise emitted by the screed have led to a significant reduction in the overall noise level of the machine. The innovative decoupling of metal-to-metal connections allows Atlas Copco to redefine industry standards when it comes to noise emission. These changes make Atlas Copco Dynapac large pavers extremely silent to work with and allow operators to stay focused for a longer period of time while at the same time reducing the impact on the jobsite environment.

Real-time information on the paving process

To further enhance operator control over the paving process, Atlas Copco has included data from optional screed width and layer thickness measurement systems in its paver operating system, PaveManager 2.0. Both systems are fully integrated with the screed controllers and the main operator display, giving all paver operators real-time information on the actual paving process. The layer thickness measurement system also ensures that costly over-usage of material is prevented or that the layer thickness is in line with the requirement.

BPO ASPHALT facilitates jobsite planning, execution and documentation

Atlas Copco decided to link up the Dyn@Link fleet management system with BPO ASPHALT from Volz Consulting GmbH.

BPO ASPHALT supports construction companies in optimizing their processes and facilitates planning jobsites in terms of resource and capacity. It is also a valuable tool during project execution, offering integrated and real time communication between mixing plant, truck drivers and the jobsite. Several paving parameters, including the screed width and layer thickness, can be transferred to Dyn@Link and from there be exported for jobsite documentation or can serve as input for BPO ASPHALT. The system also offers the possibility to import data from Atlas Copco’s Dyn@Lyzer compaction control system and can be linked to truck fleet management and mixing plant systems, thereby offering a completely integrated solution covering all aspects of the paving process.

Given the ever increasing importance of documentation, BPO ASPHALT can perform an essential role in documenting the work done, for example, delivery notes, temperatures, compaction data, comments, images, and other media can be saved. BPO ASPHALT also offers the possibility to quickly create reports and analyze them interactively. Combined with the integration of process parameters from Dyn@Link, this creates a unique tool for construction companies to simplify jobsite planning and optimize the efficiency in the different steps of the paving process.

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