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LG 400

Forward and reversible plate compactors

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LG 400 forward & reversible plate

Our forward & reversible plate compactors are made for medium to deep layers of granular soils. In confined Areas, such as trenches, parking lots, foundations, etc., Atlas Copco´s walk-behind plate compactors play an important role. Our Compaction Indicator saves time and Money. The Technology helps to reduce machine wear and over-compaction by a simple traffic light.


Ergonomics add efficiency

You can work more hours thanks to the to vibration damping handle design. The vibration level is low enough to let you work for several hours without reaching harmful levels

Fold the handle

The handle can be raised to vertical position to facilitate transportation and storing

More uptime

The self-cleaning and heavy-duty protection frame with impact-resistant covers will protect both engine and transmission

New design

The design of the new machines follows the new forward and reversible plate compactor family style which is more modern and gives better performance with less impact on the operator. High speed and machine balance contribute to easy handling, even on rough surfaces. Thanks to the vibrationdamped handle, hand-arm vibration levels are low. This combined with better overall ergonomics enable the user to work for longer periods more effectively, staying concentrated on the task at hand.

Technical specifications

Technical details

Starter type

Manual start

Operating weight

398 kg


60 Hz


1,8 mm

Centrifugal force

52 kN


25 m/min

Part number

3382 0000 11
Vibration and sound


Name Part number
Compaction indicator 4812 0706 91