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Ergonomics add efficiency

You can work more hours thanks to the to vibration damping handle design. The vibration level is low enough to let you work for several hours without reaching harmful levels

Fold the handle

The handle can be raised to vertical position to facilitate transportation and storing

More uptime

The self-cleaning and heavy-duty protection frame with impact-resistant covers will protect both engine and transmission

Easy operation

The forward/reverse lever and fixed handle grip makes handling easy on all surfaces

Find the time

With the hour meter kit you can monitor the use of your machine and follow proper service intervals

Excellent traction on wet soil

Meet the LG 504

The machine provides impressive traction, particularly on wet soil, thanks to higher frequency, higher centrifugal force and higher amplitude. The new models also feature better ergonomics and improved access for service and maintenance.
The new model can handle both deep and medium deep compaction of granular soils and give outstanding traction.

Technical specifications

Technical details

Starter type

Manual start

Operating weight

449,5 kg


69 Hz


2,4 mm

Centrifugal force

65 kN


30 m/min

Part number

3382 0005 72
Vibration and sound


Name Part number
Block paving 750 mm 4700 3820 01
Block paving 850 mm 4700 3820 05
Extention plate kit 2x75 mm 4812 0706 78
Extension plate kit 2x150 mm 4700 3820 67
Extention plate kit  2x150 = 2,5° slanted 4700 3820 68
Hour meter 4700 3769 34
Crank start kit 4700 2837 74