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Work more

The handle of the LH 700 is made to dampen vibrations. That makes you more effective

Good for business

The size and compaction capacity makes the LH 700 a flexible and economic alternative to a roller

Goes deep

The LH 700 and LH 804 series can handle rockfill and provides deep compaction

LH reversible plates

The LH 700 and LH 804 are our most powerful reversible plates and they can handle compaction of medium to thick layers of granular soils – from sand to rock fill. The ratio of size and compaction capacity also makes these machines a flexible and economical alternative to a roller in remote locations or confined spaces.
You can control the powerequivalent of a 10-ton roller with just the tip of your finger.

Technical specifications

Technical details

Starter type

Electric start

Operating weight

779 kg


53 Hz


2,5 mm

Centrifugal force

95 kN


30 m/min

Part number

3382 0000 71
Vibration and sound


Name Part number
Extention plate kit   2x75 mm  4700 3820 11
Extention plate kit  2x150 mm 4700 3820 12
Hour meter  4700 3769 48