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Dynapac asphalt rollers

Our tandem asphalt rollers are designed with efficiency in mind - application efficiency, operator efficiency, compaction control efficiency and service efficiency.

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Top quality results

With the Dynapac rollers you achieve high quality surface finishes through operational features such as soft starting and stopping to prevent unevenness or cracking in the asphalt layers.

Highest availability

There is a number of features to the tandem asphalt rollers (CC models) to make servicing quick and easy, ensuring maximum uptime.

The operator in control

One way of achieving high quality compaction is to optimise the ergonomics, ensuring that operators have continuous visibility of the operation and comfortable access to the controls.

Left hand side view of Dynapac CP1200
Pneumatic rollers
  • Pneumatic rollers are used to compact asphalt for sealing purposes. Also used to compact base, sub-base and stabilized soil.
steel drum fron side Dynapac CS1400
Steel drum rollers
  • These rollers are articulated static three drum rollers with the same static linear load and drum diameter on all drums. The roller covers the asphalt mat with its full width.