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Dynapac CP275

Pneumatic tyre roller

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A pneumatic tyre roller is a specialized machine – with a wide range of applications. Finishing and sealing are obvious ones but soil compaction can also be carried out with top quality. A significant feature is the smooth start-stop procedure when changing driving direction. The air-on-the-run option and backup sprinkler further enhance the end result quality.


The braking system has two separate circuits which are able to maintain full braking capacity even if a damaged hose or other failure should disable one of the circuits. Visibility and manoeuvrability are safety cornerstones. Dynapac’s cab design, as well as the 4-post ROPS, minimizes obstruction of the operator’s field of view. Also, precise steering and the powerful braking system keep the operator in control.


Daily service points are few and the large hood and location of filters and filler caps make routine service tasks smooth and fast. And in order to assist the operator, service information is displayed on the dashboard LCD. Several Dynapac models share many common components and sub-systems. This modularization simplifies stock keeping of spare parts and enable quicker service to end-users.

Product description

Dynapac has a complete range of pneumatic tyred rollers. All have standard features offering high performance, simplicity and versatility. These rollers are used to compact asphalt for sealing purposes, either in conjunction with other asphalt rollers or by itself. Due to their heavy weight, they are also used for soil compaction.

Technical data


Max. operating mass

30 000 kg

Operating mass (incl. ROPS)

0 kg

Operating mass (incl. cab)

14 000 kg

Module mass, front

0 kg

Module mass, rear

0 kg