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Industrial Tools & Solutions

Special wheels

Cleared aluminium wheels to drive in concrete on top of one layer of mesh

For large surfaces

You can cover up to 1,500 m² per day - vibrated and leveled in one go

Good control

Remote controlled unit - the operator doesn´t even have to step into the wet concrete

Leveling and vibration in one

The RoboScreed 24 automated screed automatically adjusts the leveling by means of a laser set. The remote controlled screed means that the operator doesn´t step into the concrete - no more backbreaking activities when leveling larger floors.

RoboScreed 24 is sutable for high to medium slump concrete in industrial floors, alleys, parking lots, exhibition halls, warehouses etc.

Technical specifications

Model   RoboScreed 24
Size screed m 2.4
Length mm 2,900
Width - with/without screed mm 2,750/1,200
Height - without mast mm 1,740
Maximum working speed m/s 0.8
Positioning/moving speed m/s 2.3
Accuracy on wet concrete mm 2
Laser profile system   Spectra Precision CB 30 - 2 x LR 30
Leveling device   Auger - 50 rpm; Level Scred Vibrator - 500 N
Working capacity, daily 1,500
Drive system   4 x 4
Steering system   2 wheel-steering (rear ones)
Type of wheels/diameter mm Solid, Alu alloy/700