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Trang thiết bị khí nén - máy nén khí - khí công nghiệp
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LP 13-20 DEL

Hydraulic power pack

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Serve and protect

A robust frame and strong panels protect all vital parts. All service points are easily accessible.

Just go

One person can easily move the power pack around the site thanks to the foldable handle and the large wheels.

Quick tool change

The variable flow on/off valve allows for easy tool change and slow start-up.

Technical specifications

Technical details





Power (kW)

6,7 kW

Weight incl. oil

116 kg

Dimensions (LxWxH)

745x600x705 mm

Oil flow

20 l/min

Maximum pressure

150 bar

Fuel capacity

5 l

Hose included


Power On Demand (POD)


Oil control: engine oil


Electric start



25μ filter in return line. Filter by-pass valve in valve block.

Cooling system

Thermostatically controlled air blast oil cooler.

EHTMA class


Part number (not sold within EU)

1807 0110 20

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