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What’s included in the Service Plan?

The plan can be customized or adjusted at any time.

Performing maintenance at the correct intervals and in a proactive manner is the key to optimizing the performance of your equipment. The Atlas Copco Service Plan ensures that all periodic services for your equipment are properly scheduled and performed. If our technicians or service partners spot a developing problem that could ultimately affect your production, they will propose measures to avoid future damage. And if an urgent repair is needed, you will receive priority assistance.

What’s included? Benefits: 
Atlas Copco Genuine Parts
All required parts and consumables to carry out the maintenance as described in the instruction manual.

Improve equipment reliability thanks to regular follow-up by the experts. Avoid any hidden surprises and optimize performance levels.

Labor and travel

  • Certified and trained technician to perform the work.
  • All travel costs for on-site work included
Stable costs up front, helping you plan your maintenance budget.

Diagnostics report
Our technicians provide a detailed analysis of your machine, with recommendations about maintenance and repairs, so that you can continue to operate your equipment at high performance levels for maximum productivity.

Reduce downtime, as there is no quoting process. Reduced administration and inventory by letting Atlas Copco take care of it all.