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A lot of special tools for machine check-up are required for proper service, view them here!

Machine check-up is a planned break in operations to carry out preventive maintenance that is based on a condition check. Access to suitable diagnostic tools is required to minimize the time needed to make the check up. The equipment provides the information required when trouble shooting. It is also ideal for condition testing of components following repair or refurbishing. Profitability for both parties increases due to shorter working time and better results. Since compaction performance is based on vibration technique it is essential that our check up is reliable.

We have a lot of special tools for machine check-up, in this section you can view most of them.

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Canbus gateway


    This tool handles the communications between your PC and the master ECU (Electronic Control Unit) of the machine

Canbus Gateway
Compaction meter test box


    Test equipment for troubleshooting of Dynapac compaction meter system used on vibratory rollers.

Compaction Meter test box