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Summer tips for mobile compressors

As the seasons shift and hot temperatures start making their way onto the weather forecast, make sure your compressor is ready. Here are some handy tips for smooth and efficient operation when the mercury starts rising.​

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1. Clean your unit. Coolers and radiators are best cleaned with water and a detergent.

2. Keep cooling liquids in tip- top conditions. Check both the quality and the quantity.

3. Replace the air filters before the start of the summer season.

4. Replace the oil filters, as well, Oil quality deteriorates at higher temperatures and leaves deposits behind in the filter.

5. Change the oil before the heat arrives. Use oil that is suitable for high temperatures, such as Paroil S Xtreme and Paroil Extra. The levels should be just right; don’t over- or under-fill

6. Make sure there are no obstructions – rags, books, tools, etc. – in the unit. They restrict the airflow. Loose panels or foam should be fixed in the place again.