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Stainless steel air motors for demanding environments

One of the main benefits of air motors is their ability to work in harsh or even aggressive environments.

Stainless steel air motors, pneumatic stainless steel motors
  • Atlas Copco's stainless steel motors enlarge the field of applications to areas where the environment is corrosive.This can be in the food processing industries where corroding detergents are used or in the chemical industry where the atmosphere as such is corrosive.
  • Stainless steel motors are also ideal for explosive environments because they don't generate electrical sparks and reduces the risk of mechanical sparks.
  • Atlas Copco's stainless steel air motors have a clean design with no dirt collecting corners or cavities. The motors are equipped with double seals in flour rubber at the shaft end to prevent water or cleaning detergents from entering the gears.
  • The planetary gear is greased with food grade grease approved according to USDAH1.
  • Atlas Copco's range of stainless steel motors is available in lubricated and lubrication free versions.
  • The material used in the back head, casing and front part is stainless steel with the designation: ISO 683/XII Type 17, SS 142346, - DIN 17440 X12CrNiS188. The material used in the outgoing shaft and gear rim has the designation: ISO 683/XII Type 9b, SS 142321, - DIN 17440 X22CrNi17. Atlas Copco air motors, LZB, are approved for use in explosion risk areas, zones 1 and 2, in conformance with standard EN 1127-1 (November 1996) designated EXII 1 GT6.

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