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Sound dampening in paint shop

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Challenges in sound dampening

To reduce the noise levels and thus increase drivers and passengers comfort, liquid applied sound dampening materials (LASD) are used mainly at the underbody. LASD materials are water based acrylic, rubber based or epoxy based. Those materials are challenging, especially when applied in high volumes and flow rates. Robust systems components are vital.

Atlas Copco' SCA product line offers high-quality and productive dispensing systems for LASD applications in paint shop. Depending on the customer’s requirements, different applications and system confirgurations are possible.

Flat stream

Flat stream is a low-pressure application and most commonly used for LASD. The width and the slot length of the nozzle determine the bead geometry. For LASD, a wideslot nozzle is used to enable broad beads and high flow rates at short application times. Flat stream is a very effective and flexible application. The liqudi material can be applied exactly where needed at exactly the required volumes. This is a huge advantage. At hotspot areas where high vibrations occur during driving, more sound dampeningmaterial is needed. At ares with low vibrations, material can be saved.

Multi-orifice application (MOG)

Streaming with a multi orifice gun (MOG) is a simple and effective solution for applying LASD. It is mainly used for water based acrylic materials. Depending on the chosen nozzle segment, the application width of can either be 75 mm or 150 m. Within this width, multiple single beads are applied in parellel. High volumes can thus be applied at short application times. At the same time, the special bead pattern - similar to a corn row - provides a larger application surface. Due to that, the curing of the water based acrylic is improved.