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Flatstream-Applikation für die Bond Expo

Sound dampening in paint shop

Learn more about our sound dampening applications (LASD) for paint shops

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Challenges in sound dampening

To reduce the noise levels and thereby increase drivers' and passengers' comfort, liquid-applied sound dampening materials (LASD) are often used on the floor panel. Those materials can be challenging, especially when applied in high volumes and flow rates. Robust systems components are vital. Atlas Copco's SCA product line offers high-quality and effective dispensing systems for LASD applications in paint shops. Depending on the customer’s requirements and material properties, different applications and system configurations are possible.

Flat stream

Sound dampening Application LASD from SCA

Flat stream application

Flat stream is a low-pressure application and most commonly used for LASD. The bead size and shape are defined by the nozzle geometry. For LASD, a wide slot nozzle is used to enable broad beads and an even material distribution, all while handling high flow rates at short cycle times. Flat stream is a very effective and flexible application for LASD. The liquid material can be applied exactly where needed at exactly the required volumes. At hotspot areas, more sound dampening material is needed. At areas with low vibrations, material can be saved.

Multi-orifice application (MOG)

Mulit-orifice application

Multi-orifice application

Streaming with a multi-orifice applicator (MOG) is a simple and effective solution for applying LASD. It is mainly used for water-based acrylic materials. The application width can either be 75 mm or 150 mm. Within this width, multiple single beads are applied in parallel. High volumes can thus be processed at short cycle times. At the same time, the special bead pattern provides a larger application surface.

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