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Cover sealing

Learn more about our cover sealing solutions for battery assembly

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Challenges in battery cover sealing:

Humidity dramatically decreases battery performance and can damage the high-voltage system and delicate cells. Additionally, the battery emits gases which can be hazardous. To keep humidity out and prevent the leak of gases, the battery tray must be sealed before the cover is mounted. This requires an uninterrupted application.

Our solutions for battery cover sealing:

Atlas Copco’s SCA battery sealing solutions deliver fast and precise automated applications for different materials. With accurate metering technology, we ensure an even and uninterrupted bead with no gaps or squeeze out. We offer 1C and 2C dispensing solutions. As the battery pack can not be exposed to any heating process, suitable materials require no oven curing, e.g. 1C hot butyl, 1C or 2C polyurethane, 1C or 2C silicone. In many cases, hot butyl is used because it can be easily removed and improves serviceability. With fully heated systems, we ensure accurate tempering for hot materials. Depending on your requirements, we can deliver round or shaped beads.

Your benefits:

100% tight seal

Consistent and uninterrupted application

Perfect tempering

Fully heated system solutions

High process reliability

Handling various materials with high precision

More information about our products and services:

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