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K-Flow battery cover to tray joining illustration

Flow drill fastening for electric vehicles

Learn more about our flow drill fastening applications for battery assembly

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Challenges in battery assembly:

  • Joint strength and leak tightness 
  • Removable cover for service requirements
  • Repeatable fastening/tightening
  • Electrical contacting
  • One-sided access
  • Large series production

Our solution for cover-to-tray joining:

Flow drill fastening meets high standards for joint strength and crash performance. With our K-Flow technology, the battery cover can be mounted to the tray with single-sided access. The joint is leak tight between fastener and sheet as well as between both sheets and it can be combined with a liquid gasket. At the same time, it is detachable to facilitate maintenance and dismantling. The metallic components are in a conductive bond and form a Faraday cage, which prevents electromagnetic interference. With short cycle times and high process reliability, it is suited for large series production.

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Battery joining for electric vehicles


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