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We know that you want to make your production leaner and more flexible in a competitive market and are keen to reduce the number of steps needed to build a truck or bus. Also, for maximum profitability, you need to be able to produce a several model variants on one line – at the same time delivering highest quality and reducing the need for reworks or warranty costs. In addition, a combination of new joining technologies will be needed to handle composite materials and new components for lightweight electric vehicles.

Smart Connected Assembly

industry 4.0 offroad agricultural transportation china
Smart Connected Assembly is Atlas Copco's own version of Industry 4.0 in practice. It creates unique value by connecting together your assembly related processes. Assembly solutions are networked to each other and integrated into the production network. Smart Connected Assembly is easy to work with and quickly delivers value.

Learn more about the six pillars of value - Smart Connected Assembly

Traceable electric tooling

Truck and bus manufacturers are increasingly changing to Atlas Copco electric tooling, which supports multiple setups per tool. This speeds up production and increases their capability to produce more than one model variant on the same line. One highly accurate transducerized electric tool can replace several pneumatic tools and click wrenches, reducing service costs and achieving leaner, traceable production

Hybrid joining for electrification and lightweighting

Atlas Copco joining technologies include conventional tightening systems complemented by gluing, riveting, and flow drilling systems (for drilling in lightweight composite materials). We are currently working with customers and partners to develop automated production sequences for the manufacture of the new components needed for electric vehicles, such as batteries and fuel cells. The components will be produced in flexible automated stations where two or more joining processes are combined

Minimizing energy costs

Using Atlas Copco electric tools instead of pneumatic tools will minimize your plant energy costs and help reduce costs for the maintenance of production equipment. Reducing CO2 emissions will make your production more environmentally sustainable

Good tool, workstation and plant ergonomics

Reducing operator stress and absenteeism due to sickness is an important part of increasing productivity and Atlas Copco is a leader in the field of ergonomics. Workstation and tool design, noise, vibration, dust and oil in the air in the plant are all key factors. Compared to pneumatic tools, electric tools are quieter with less vibrations, and there are no hoses on the factory floor.

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