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Engines assembly challenges

Running an engine assembly line is full of challenges and one plant doesn't look the same as the next. Here are three of the most common challenges that we know about and the we have great knowledge and experience helping our customers with.

How to get full control

If you are running an engine production line you know you can never lean back and relax. There is always work to be improved and streamline the assembly process.
The first step of starting that work is to be in full control of all the details that are happening on the line, collecting data from all over and always being able to properly analyze the results.
With Atlas Copco's more advanced assembly solutions, the necessary data is generated and can then be collected and analyzed through our own software ToolsNet.

How to tight several bolts at once

To ensure the quality of the engine produced is a key task on the line. With higher demands and smaller tolerances, the need for an accurate assembly is even higher. Choosing one of our advanced assembly systems will support this important task.
The next step is to run several spindles simultaneously, leading to evenly distributed clamp force between two components. Increased productivity comes as an extra bonus.

How to automatize your operation

There are many tasks on an assembly line that change at all, just keep working for a month in and month out.
So why not automatize that station?
The results are direct and include increased productivity, higher quality, and low running costs. Explore the options Atlas Copco has to offer and how we can support your business.