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PF6 FlexSystem - Overview Animation Video

The PF6 FlexSystem is a flexible, efficient, space saving tool control system designed for heavy-duty fastening, gauging and press operations.


Lean and compact

Valuable floor space is no longer an issue with the PF6 FlexSystem. Controllers and drives can be mounted closer to the assembly powerhead, due to their lower weight and smaller packaging vs. legacy systems.

User friendly

Critical to the PF6 FlexSystem’s design is user friendliness. Installation and programming are streamlined, while a convenient web HMI allows for basic setup and troubleshooting.

Adaptable design

Variations in production are easily met due to adaptable design - systems are scalable and upgradable based on demand.

System components:


• Exists in 3-slot and 6-slot (3-slot shown)
• Distributes power, 24 VDC, e-stop and Ethernet


• Contains the central processing logic
• Internal and external communication
• Controls up to 50 drives / spindles


• Include the servo driving each tool
• Convert power to suitable voltage levels
• Power cable port to tool


• Power disconnect switches
• Available in 30A and 60A