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Productivity and process speed

Process speed is a benefit of the multi spindle station. Completing all tightenings with one start vs. single spindle tightening and extra movements. Process speed is also a benefit of the semi-auto station by allowing operator to continue working on the next tasks or processes, while the station completes process and returns home for next process

Flexibility and line rebalancing

At Atlas Copco we are designing Semi Automatic stations with knowledge of today's needs for line rebalancing always in mind. Consideration about various part assembly needs and production capacity changes are of utmost importance

Uptime and optimization

Reduce mechanical automation and robust design will provide optimized uptime and production efficiencies. Easy to execute planned preventive maintenance with spindle design supports quick service operations. We keep you covered with our well-developed local support organization, high availability of spare parts, and an easy to access application expertise from our application centers and project organization

Select the best assembly solution for your needs

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