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Risk of assembly errors getting to the end user factory

Seat manufacturing quality is extremely important not only in the seating plant but is also critical to your customers. Seating quality problems discovered in the Final Assembly plants impact production. When found on the final assembly line, downtime is extremely costly. Commonly resulting in chargebacks for lost production of the vehicle

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Missing fasteners

Every fastener counts. Atlas Copco Power Focus 6000 brings error proofing to a new level. The Power Focus 6000 combined with Atlas Copco’s positioning arms give the ability to run bolt level positioning directly out of the controller. This eliminates complex PLC interfaces, providing a versatile easy to use setup. Ensuring that every seat is built correctly

Not seated fasteners

The most common fastening problem in seating is fully torques but not seated fasteners. Incorrect sized holes and cross-threaded fasteners are some of the most common causes. Atlas Copco Power Focus 6000’s advanced tightening strategies provide proven methods to detect these failures, preventing them from leaving the station

Striped fasteners

Plastics on the seats can be challenging. It is common to have the fastener strip the plastic if the hole size varies. This is a common occurrence in side shields. Tightening strategies like Snug Gradient allow us to sense the drive torque and adapt the tool to prevent stripping of the threads

Our products and services bring value to our customers

Seat manufacturing quality is very important and seating quality problems discovered in the Final Assembly plants impact production. Our products are connected and we already at the design phase where we offer professional services to support joint analysis and specifications. Se our solutions here!