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Stage 2 - Workplace Task Assignment

Each learner after attending an approved training course and attaining the training certificate requires a period of workplace experience to practise new skills and knowledge. This period allows for the consolidation of skills and knowledge against work based tasks.

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What happens in Stage 2?

The learner is issued with a Work Based Task Assignment specifying the range of tasks and complex jobs required before the learner can move on to Stage 3.

A workplace consolidation period of 3 to 12 months is recommended to give the person the opportunity to complete the Work Based Task Assignment. The individual must satisfactorily demonstrate that they have carried out each of the steps indicated in the Work Based Task Assignment on a minimum of three occasions. This may mean in practice that they complete more than three task assignment records as they may not carry out every step on each occasion.

How to pass Stage 2

The Work Based Task Assignment record may be verified by any person with overall responsibility for the correct, safe and accurate completion of the task.

This could be:

- A supervisor or team leader.
- A line manager .
- Any other person with responsibility for the final approval and quality assurance for the relevant task, for example a QC Inspector or permit authority.

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