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Subsea tensioners

Proven reliability and safety record


How Atlas Copco Tentec CTST tensioners work

Atlas Copco Bolt Tightening Solutions guide on detachable bolt tensioners.




Including SPO/Vector* compact flange tensioning


Rapid tensioning with split reaction nut technology

High capacity

High bolt load capacity

Compact 8 - Series

Our subsea tensioners have been used by major offshore bolting contractors since 1991 and have a proven reliability and safety record. Comprising just eight load cells the Compact 8 range is capable of tensioning most standard subsea flanges including Vector SPO*and SPO –S * Compact flanges. Manufactured from high strength stainless steel, the Compact 8 offers increased usage life and reduced maintenance and repair costs.

*Vector is a trademark of Vector Technology Group. All rights reserved.

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