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Topside tensioners

Powerful, adaptable & safe



Piston return more than twice as fast as spring assisted tensioners.


A 20% weight saving versus spring assisted equivalents reduces operator fatigue.


Enhanced corrosion protection for harsh environments.


Airbac tools feature the same load output, bridges and NRS as the CTST range.



The patented Airbac range of the topside bolt tensioning tools is more than twice as fast as spring assisted tensioners and has an superior 20 % weight saving due to reduced diameters and fewer components. Other benefits is that it has enhanced corrosion protection for harsh environments, that there are just six tools covering bolt sizes ¾”(M20) – 4 “ (M100) and they have identical hydraulic pressure areas, load outputs, and MWP (1500 bar) as the CTST range.
Airbac’s patented piston retract technology is available for customized solutions. This means it can also be incorporated into our custom designed tensioners ensuring that customers who have unique applications can also benefit from operational time savings.


The CTST range of topside bolt tensioning tools from Tentec consist of 6 base tools covering bolt sizes from 3/4¨ to 4¨ (M20 to M100). The tools are designed to fit on to most ANSI B16.5, ANSI B16.47 Series 1, MSS-SP44, API-6A and API-17D flanges. Each base tool can be converted for use on a different bolt size by the use of a conversion kits.


The V- Series tensioners are a purpose designed range of tools designed specifically for use on Vector/SPO* and Norsok* Compact flanges. The range consists of 11 powerful bolt tensioning tools covering bolt sizes from
3/4 ¨ to 4 ¨. The enhanced bolt load offered by the V- Series bolt tensioning tools satisfies the higher bolt load requirements of the SPO Vector compact flanges.

*Vector is a trademark of Vector Technology Group. All rights reserved.
Norsok L-005 is a trademark of Standards Norway. All rights reserved.

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