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Air preparation unit Midi

Suitable for more than 90% of the Atlas Copco tool range, also available as Productivity kits.


Air line accessories

To ensure that you benefit from the full potential power of your tools,
Atlas Copco has developed a full range of air line accessories for
use with Atlas Copco tools and air motors. All accessories can be
used for other applications and pneumatic equipment.


Made out of polymer material

Housing and bowl components

Working temperature

-40°C to +60°C at 10 bar

Pulse tool versions available

EP versions with adjusted lubricator

Air preparation unit Midi

The MIDI Optimizer is suitable for more than 90% of the Atlas Copco tool range and is the best choice for assembly tools, percussive tools, drills, nibblers and grinders up to Turbo. The MIDI Optimizer has a ½” connection thread, and the housing and bowl are made of polymer. The bowl has a highly chemical resistant polypropylene insert and the bowl is directly screwed to the housing for easy handling. All separate units, mounting brackets, assembly kits and pressure gauges need to be ordered separately. The MIDI Optimizer F/RD and FRD unit are delivered complete with mounting bracket, assembly kit and pressure gauge. The Optimizer nano-lubricator adjusts automatically to the flow demand and ensures that the right amount of oil is supplied to the motor at all flow rates. This minimizes the lubrication needed. The nano oil mist, with particle size of 200 nm, can be transported by the air stream up to 40 m before the oil particles fall out of the stream. This means there is no oil in the hose and direct lubrication is not necessary.

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