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Air preparation unit Mini

For smaller pneumatic tools


Air line accessories

To ensure that you benefit from the full potential power of your tools,
Atlas Copco has developed a full range of air line accessories for
use with Atlas Copco tools and air motors. All accessories can be
used for other applications and pneumatic equipment.


Up to 9 l/s

Prepare the air for pneumatic components and tools with low air consumption

Working temperature

0°C to +50°C at 10 bar

Compact solution

The filter reduces water and dirt in the pneumatic components

3 times life time

The lubricator prolongs the life of a vane motor up to three times

Air preparation unit Mini

Mini main application is to prepare the air for pneumatic components and tools with low air consumption. Mini has a ¼” BSP connection thread and the housing is made of die-cast zinc. The bowls are made of polycarbonate and metal bowls are available in zinc as an option. All separate units, mounting brackets, assembly kits and pressure gauges need to be ordered separately. Mini F/RD and FRD units are delivered complete with mounting bracket, assembly kit and pressure gauge. Atlas Copco oil lubricators ensure a long, efficient and trouble-free life for your pneumatic tools and components. The use of a lubricator will increase the power in vane motors by about 10-15% and prolong the lifetime of a vane motor up to three times. The motor will work much more efficiently, and with less friction

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