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Hose reels

Benefit from high air flow and a tidy workplace


Air line accessories

To ensure that you benefit from the full potential power of your tools,
Atlas Copco has developed a full range of air line accessories for
use with Atlas Copco tools and air motors. All accessories can be
used for other applications and pneumatic equipment.


Optimal solution

Select from a large range of hose reels for many various pneumatic tools.

Mount everywhere

Floor, wall or ceiling


HM Open XL has a die cast aluminium casing

Various models

Covers a range of small and large pneumatic tools

HM Open XL

Atlas Copco´s range of Hose Reels are specially selected using our knowledge of power tools and your demands in mind in order to reach maximum output in the workplace. The wide range consist of 12 different models, with hose sizes ranging from 8 mm to 25 mm, to ensure your needs are met. There are models made of composite material, steel or die casted aluminum and the models are open or closet in order to fulfill your needs.

Hose reels in the HM Open XL series have an open epoxy coated die cast aluminum casing with 13 mm, 19 mm and 25 mm rubber hose. It is a heavy duty hose reel for long and heavy hoses. HM Open XL is recommended for use with high air flow consuming tools and high powered grinders.

HM Open

The HM Open has an open composite casing and 10 mm or 13 mm hose. HM Open is a reliable, medium sized hose reel recommended for screwdrivers, impact wrenches, pulse tools, drills, chipping and riveting hammers and grinders up 1000W.

HM Light

The HM Light has a robust design with a high impact composite casing. The outlet slot is optimized to provide ideal pull-out angle for the hose. The HM light is recommended for small and medium screwdrivers, small and medium pulse tools, small drills, impact wrenches up to 1/2” size and riveting and chipping hammers

HM Flex L

The HM FLEX L, with a steel casing and high quality rubber hose, handles both air and water. The HM FLEX L is recommended for all screwdrivers, pulse tools, impact wrenches, drills, chipping and riveting hammers and grinders up to 1000 W.

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