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HLTQ Industrial PC series

The solution for visualization and control on the shop floor

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About Industrial Technique

At Atlas Copco Industrial Technique we create value for our customers with world-class innovative technologies and solutions for manufacturing. Products built to last, long-term thinking, ergonomics and quality – a responsible company working for a sustainable future.



Sustainable Performance

The integrated AMD Quad Core processor with 2.4 GHz, up to 8 GB RAM and the possibility/option to retrofit a second Solid State Disk (SSD) drive constitute high fault tolerance on the one hand and high performance on the other hand.

Unconditional Operability

Shock resistant components and the resistive glass touchscreen, which is operable with gloves, make the HLTQ series a reliable and user-friendly device - even in a tough work environment.

Uncompromising Connectivity

With its multiple interfaces like Ethernet, WiFi, USB, HDMI or digital I/O and the connectivity to many devices such as tool controllers, scanners, stack lights or Pick by Light shelves the HLTQ series can be seen as the center of an entire assembly station.

HLTQ series

With their robust design and high-performance components the HLTQ (Hard Line Terminal) series are the state-of-the-art devices for your industrial purposes. You can choose between 6 standard models that are pre-configured and available on stock or a customized version, which can be configured individually based on the given configuration options.

Type Model Ordering No.
Standard HLT15Q 8434 2300 00
Standard HLT15Q-W 8434 2300 10
Standard HLT19Q 8434 2300 20
Standard HLT19Q-W 8434 2300 30
Standard HLT24Q 8434 2300 40
Standard HLT24Q-W 8434 2300 50
Configurable HLT15Q *
Configurable HLT19Q *
Configurable HLT24Q *

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