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EBL brushless electric screwdriver

Operator comfort and productivity with outstanding durability for low torque applications.

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Long Working life

Brushless motor provides long working life, extended service intervals, low maintenance requirements.


Good ergonomics mean maximum operator comfort: comfortable grip, low tool weight and lower noise level due to the brushless motor.


The tool ordering number includes cable for drive connection. EBL drive plus needs to be ordered separately.

EBL Screwdriver

Atlas Copco’s EBL screwdriver sets new standards for electric low torque screwdrivers. The brushless motor offers prolonged tool working lifetime and the patented ergonomics provide a high level of operator comfort. The EBL screwdriver is designed for low torque assembly operations. Superior clutch design offers consistent and accurate torque, a must for high volume production. All EBL screwdrivers are designed to be used in applications with electronic components, with ESD (electrostatic discharge) certification. ESD certification means a guarantee against damage of electronic components by an uncontrolled electrostatic discharge (ESD) from the tools. In practice it certifies that at no point will the material of the equipment hold an electrostatic potential above 100 V for more than 2 seconds.

Additional products for a complete tool system
Suitable Drive
Model   Ordering No.
 EBL Drive Plus For all standard models and soft-stop models  8431 0170 85

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