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ETD MT Transducerized Screwdriver

Industry 4.0 revolution-ready with best-in-class torque accuracy to boost productivity & enhance quality

The new transducerized, handheld MicroTorque screwdriver system from Atlas Copco is easy to set up and use, bringing precision and quality to your manufacturing process. As a catalyst for industry 4.0, ETD MT with the most advanced tightening strategies in the market ensures high quality tightenings time after time. The intuitive interface & multi-communication channels make ETD MT a vital part of an integrated operation. Great ergonomic design with clear tactile, visual or audio operator feedback & workflow instructions ensures that assembly errors are detected and eliminated for complete error-proofing quality control. All MicroTorque screwdrivers are ESD (electrostatic discharge) and clean room approved to guarantee quality regardless of the requirement of the surroundings.


  • Best-in-class accuracy transducerized tools
  • True torque measurement
  • Comprehensive torque, angle and clamping torque monitoring
  • Advanced tightening strategies: Torque Seating Monitoring and Seating Control Strategy
  • Complete workflow instructions and control (batch sequence)
  • Multiple communication ports and protocols


  • Secure product quality & reduce rework & scrapping cost
  • Enhance traceability and detection of tightening errors
  • Error proofing with elimination of floating screws and stripped joints
  • Improve productivity and reduce setup time
  • Industry 4.0 revolution-ready design
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