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No missed screws

Pulsor C counts the tightenings and signals “Batch OK”

Forget stripped screws

Pulsor C ensures the screw has been tightened correctly

No wrong/forgotten parts

Pulsor C signals “NOK” if the wrong screw or part is used

An impulse tool with fastening system intelligence

Atlas Copco’s Pulsor C System gives you all the advantages of a controlled impulse tool, plus the intelligence of an electric fastening system. Like all Atlas Copco impulse tools, Pulsor C is fast, powerful, light and compact and generates virtually no reaction force. The controller remembers up to 4,000 tightenings that can be stored and analyzed. This enables you to fine-tune your process and ensure that every tightening in every shift is perfect. If they are not perfect, you can see why.

The Pulsor C, with its control system, is designed for quality critical applications. Pulsor C alerts you to mistakes as soon as they are made. Lights on the back of the tool indicate if screws are correctly tightened. They inform the user about torque, early shut-off or if parts have been forgotten. Pulsor C will control repeatability and can report results.

The system

The Pulsor C system comprises the tool, cable, controller and tool control box where the shut-off valve is located.

More about the tool - Pulsor C

The Pulsor C tool is fast and powerful. It is also light, compact and generates virtually no reaction force, making it a very comfortable tool to work with.

• Lower mean shift
Get the same high torque accuracy in both soft and hard joints.

• Automatic shut-off
Electronics control the tightening process and shut off the tool when target torque is reached. The system can control torque while monitoring angle, number of pulses, rundown and tightening times, plus rundown and pulsing pressures.

• Direct feedback to operator in the form of green, yellow and red LED’s on back of tool.

• Reporting
The system reports all tightening values including torque, angle, pressures, times and number of pulses.

• Air-hose test
Ensures consistent tool performance by checking delay from Tool Control Box to tool, compensating for different hose lengths at start-up.

• Tool drift alarm
Continually monitors torque and pulsing frequency to alert operators before low oil volume can affect results.

• Compatible with Atlas Copco’s QIF products (Quality Integrated Fastening) such as stack lights, socket selectors, scanners, ComNode, ToolsNet 3000/4000 and more.

• Easy set-up
The tool is very easy to set-up in just five simple steps.

• Multiple P-set
One tool can perform up to 100 different P-sets. The right torque setting is selected by exchanging sockets, scanning bar-codes and more.

• High-speed tightening
Atlas Copco pulse tools are fast and powerful helping to boost productivity.

• Fast in soft joints
Pulsor C can run at higher air pressure when working in soft joints to give you faster tightening times.

• Performance
The tool offers an excellent power-to-weight ratio.

• Hot swap
You can change the tool or cable without shutting the system down because the tool shut-off is located in the Tool Control Box instead of the tool. No new settings in tool is needed.

• Wide torque range
Since pressure is automatically adapted to each and every application, you can use Pulsor C in a wide range of applications.

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