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Advanced Drilling Unit PFD 1500

Your best choice for holemaking with modularity

The robustness of PFD1500 makes it your best choice for jobs in final assembly. It has all the torque and thrust needed to drill and ream in hard metals. The twist lock system offers a secure way of clamping and the optional indexer allows clamping in areas with restricted access. The Rapid Advance feature increases productivity and saves on lubrication as the cutter can be fast forwarded to the aircraft part and run down time is shortened significantly. ChipLet® can be added as an optional feature for efficient chip breakage and chip collection. The best choice to Heavy Duty aerospace drilling.


  • Best in class spindle power and thrust capabilities
  • Easy-to-change split gearbox for quick adjustment of rpm
  • ChipLet® module for effective chip breakage
  • Optional indexer and Heavy Duty indexer
  • Unique serviceability


  • Superior durability
  • Quick and easy change of feed rate
  • Reliable and user-friendly tool
  • High productivity
  • Reduced risk of operator errors

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