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P2550 PRO Needle Scaler

Handles the toughest job with ease


PRO weld flux removal tools and scalers are perfect for tough applications involving removal of weld flux or paint and rust. The incredibly low vibration levels of these tools enable operators to run them safely for long periods, without loss of efficiency. The PRO range offers several scalers with different material removal rates. Light and compact, the all-steel construction of the tools ensures durability.


  • Small size for good accessibility
  • Low weight offering one-handed operation
  • Robust steel housing to withstand rough handling
  • Available in in-line and pistol grip configuration
  • Tool can be fitted with vacuum shrouded tubes to control dust


  • Low maintenance required
  • Easy to handle
  • Operator comfort
  • Reduced risk of vibration-related injuries
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  • Blows : 40 Hz
  • Stroke : 11 mm
  • Bushing : 12,7 mm